The Orland Park Magic Sports Association is a travel organization with a mission to contribute to increasing the passion for sports in the community through the operation of a model youth baseball, basketball, and softball program that emphasizes strong f
Sponsored By:   Orland Park Crossing
Orland Park, IL
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The Evergreen Park United Soccer program, its experienced coaches, trainers and staff, are committed to developing fundamentally sound, competitive players who want to continually advance their skills.  Additionally, we promote and value sportsmanship, teamwork and positive mental game preparation. 
Our program
We believe that young athletes benefit most from a mix of high quality skills training, proper game preparation and a consistent level of challenging competition. Our philosophy stresses, develops and reinforces core technical and tactical skills focused at every continuing level to achieve positive results on the field. 
Key components to help develop well rounded, competitive players:
* Strong team play
* Proper footwork

* Solid Ball Skills - Dribbling (moves), Long and Short Passing, Shooting
* Defensive skills - working as a unit, individual marking, tackling 

* Understanding of the overall game, fundamentals of attacking and defending, different formations
To ensure a quality experience for our players and their families, our coaches and staff are experienced and licensed, participate in training and must adhere to the organizational code of conduct.