The Orland Park Magic Sports Association is a travel organization with a mission to contribute to increasing the passion for sports in the community through the operation of a model youth baseball, basketball, and softball program that emphasizes strong f
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Orland Park, IL
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Orland Park Magic Lotto Fundraiser


The nightly Lottery will be drawn every night from February 1st through February 28th. If your number get selected you win that nights prize money. If the drawing number is above 500, then it rolls over to the next day. If your number gets picked you get that days payout and every day previous that has rolled over.

IE: on February 1, the number is 659... roll over (nobody wins)

IE: on February 2, the number is 403 and you have number 403, you will win both for Feb. 1 and for Feb. 2



$50 each night will be paid out to the winner. If the numbers are rolled over past February 28th, then we will go until we have a winner.

IE: on February 2, the number is 659...roll over

IE: on February 3, the number is 701...roll over

IE: on February 4, the number is 201... whoever has that number will win $150.


Illinois Lottery Nightly Pick 3

1-Feb-15   659 roll over
2-Feb-15   400 winner
3-Feb-15   809 roll over
4-Feb-15   032 winner
5-Feb-15   030 winner
6-Feb-15   527 roll over
7-Feb-15   909 roll over
8-Feb-15   348 winner
9-Feb-15   769 roll over
10-Feb-15   854 roll over
11-Feb-15   139 winner
12-Feb-15   318 winner
13-Feb-15   002 winner
14-Feb-15   272 winner
15-Feb-15   761 roll over
16-Feb-15   820 roll over
17-Feb-15   836 roll over
18-Feb-15   405 winner
19-Feb-15   517 roll over
20-Feb-15   897 roll over
21-Feb-15   676 roll over
22-Feb-15   955 roll over
23-Feb-15   757 roll over
24-Feb-15   636 roll over
25-Feb-15   213 winner
26-Feb-15   305 winner
27-Feb-15   297 winner


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